Imagine if The Waltons took to Broadway...

This one-woman musical brings to life a simpler era of family life growing up in North Central Arkansas in the 1970s. The artist's haunting piano melodies mixed with storytelling and songs influenced by her Southern upbringing help to convey a larger story of reverence for where we all come from.


That was my childhood! You were telling my story.. that was my story.” - Jiggs, Little Rock, AR
This is the best event I've seen since living here.” - Patsy L., Little Rock, AR
Karla is a amazing talented musician who did a fabulous job musically composing her childhood memories and emotions she experienced during family gatherings in Cleveland Arkansas into a beautiful musical tribute composition. Her incredible music and songs she arranged created a space an atmosphere that allowed emotions to connect and reflect on cherished family memories. Her performance touched a special family bond placed deep inside each of us and reminded us that is where we all come from.” - Pam K., Little Rock, AR